Condo Plans & Progress

As most of you know, my husband and I recently bought a condo. It was built in the 1970's and was begging to be renovated. Our plan is to take this place from outdated and boring to sleek and soulful- think old school meets new school. Below is the mood board I created for our kitchen; that hunter green color will be on our cabinets! We are keeping everything else pretty classic with marble, wood and brass accents. I'm also really into vintage portraits of people right now so I'll be hunting around local shops for those. We are ripping out the old vinyl and carpet and installing new white oak hardwood floors throughout the entry, kitchen and dining room. Our HOA requires us to have carpet in the bedroom and living room (less noise for the unit below us) so we found a super cool hemp product that we love! 

Below is the mood board for our bathroom. It's a pretty small space but I want to make a big statement in it. I've decided to cover the bottom half of the walls with black painted bead board for a super chic look. The brass fixtures and wood mirror are a cool mix of modern and classic design and will bring a lot of warmth into the space. 

Here are some before/progress photos of where we're at right now. I'm sure you're all thinking "you're living there NOW??" ha yes, we're living here during the renovation! It has been quite the experience so far, it has to get worse before it gets better... We are in the process of getting everything painted white, skim coating over the popcorn ceilings and ripping up the old flooring.